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For Architects

Uniquely good, for all  

 As the world’s most trusted forest certification system, the Forest Stewardship Council ensures that wood products come from forests uniquely managed to keep them intact and healthy - for all, forever. FSC is the only forest certification supported by the world’s most trusted environmental organizations, including World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, the National Wildlife Federation and Natural Resources Defense CouncilFSC uniquely offers climate advantages, preserves intact forest landscapes and wildlife habitats, and protects local communities and workers

And with FSC, there are no creative limits. FSC wood can be had in engineered forms for long spans, for standard conventional uses, for decorative finishes, and even for tall buildings, which are springing up around the world. These promise to lessen the carbon footprint of buildings, while demonstrating ingenuity and meeting the same standards for safety and performance as other buildings. However, carbon footprint and other environmental benefits claims from wood buildings cannot hold without consideration for how the materials are sourced. With FSC, your project gains the bona fides required to claim climatic and environmental benefits - because responsible forest management is at the root. 

LEED / LBC credits  


FSC also remains the only recognized forest products certification standard for both the LEED standard and the Living Building Challenge.  


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For Builders

Easier to source than ever

FSC is now available in a wide variety of different species and lumber grades. If you are looking to comply with specifications that call for particular species of wood for an application, or to find standard species (such as Douglas fir) that are called out in building codes, it has never been easier to find a convenient supplier. And the same goes for finding wood products that have been stamped and graded for structural uses.

To make it easier to buy FSC-certified building products, FSC has created a web-searchable database of top FSC building products suppliers, products and sales contacts called the "FSC Woodfinder" (included within this websites "Sourcing" page). It allows for searches by product type, indicates whether a product is in stock or available for 4-week delivery, and allows results to be shown by proxmity to your project location. 


Does FSC-certified wood cost more up front? Not always. FSC-certified local wood products can be comparable or even less expensive than the same non-certified products sold elsewhere. Price will always depend on market conditions and local demand for specific products. 


For Developers

Superior aesthetics  

With thousands of FSC-certified wood products and species to choose from, there is always an option to meet construction or design needs. 

While aesthetics are a matter of taste, FSC wood also comes with a story about sustainability that is second to none. Not only is it beautiful, but it conveys a commitment to doing the right thing which adds to the overall beauty of the wood, and of your project.

Higher value  

Green building is increasingly driven by commercial factors. Building owners report seeing a median increase of 7 percent in the value of their green buildings compared to traditional buildings. As survey results show, client and market demand are important drivers, while lower operating costs and branding benefits are now the two biggest factors influencing green building investment decisions.  


For Interior Designers

For finishes and furniture, designers already know about the warmth of wood and the satisfaction of a biophilic response, but here’s how to make it a feel-good story through and through: Use FSC.

Wood is a traditional, beautiful, and always modern interior design material. The variety of colors, grain patterns and textures can please any taste and emphasize any interior design style. But the best room furniture, wall and flooring ideas only come fully alive for clients when you can also tell a great sustainability story.  

Many woodworking projects make use use of hardwoods and exotic wood types to accentuate modern interior design. And with FSC, you and your clients can make use of these materials guilt-free knowing they came from (and support) well-managed forests.

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