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Climate & FSC

An overview of some of the key forest carbon issues and how FSC-certified forest management aligns with objectives of climate-smart forestry.


Bullitt Center ecosystem services report

Developed by Ecotrust, this analysis looks at the public benefits – including from use of FSC wood – delivered due to the Bullitt Center’s environmental features.


Research on carbon benefits of FSC

A peer-reviewed study conducted by Ecotrust and the University of Washington.


The case for wooden skyscrapers

How much CO2 would a skyscraper save if a skyscraper was made of wood? This video seeks to answer the question.


Forest Carbon, Protection & Stewardship

A new report from Sierra Club about forest carbon storage, the impact of management, and what it will take for mass timber to be a climate solution.

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Forest certification comparison

Email us to request a document that compares FSC to the most commonly-encountered alternative standard.

Finding FSC  Wood

Is Easier Than You Think


Sustainably sourced wood is likely available near you, and just a click away. Find products you need in a single search.

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