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Continuing Education Credit

FSC offers American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) accredited continuing education. 

If you are an architect or LEED AP looking for continuing education credit online, visit “FSC®-Certified Wood in Construction and Green Building”. 

Green Building Credits

Project teams can earn credits in popular green building programs by using FSC-certified products:

FSC Leadership awards

These annual awards recognize individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting forests through FSC. FSC Leadership Awards continue to recognize excellence in green building, while also celebrating other products, organizations and leaders in the FSC community.

Submit your project or organization today!

Success Stories

Thousands of buildings across North America – from residential homes to commercial offices – have been built with FSC-certified wood products. From dimensional lumber and plywood to flooring and hardwood panels, virtually any wood building product is available – and using any amount of FSC-certified material contributes to greater sustainability. 

Among these many projects, a few illustrate best what can be achieved. Each year, at the Greenbuild conference, FSC Leadership Awards are presented to honor these efforts.  

Below are a few recent award-winning FSC projects: 

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