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Construction You Can Be 

Proud Of With FSC


By using FSC wood in construction, you demonstrate the strongest possible commitment to forests, and in doing so, gain significant benefits for your business. 



Forests Matter –
And Not All Wood Is the Same.

Forests are key to life. Home to 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, they filter most of our fresh water and are crucial in mitigating climate change.

As the only certification endorsed by the world's most trusted environmental organizations, the Forest Stewardship Council ensures forests are managed responsibly. Using FSC-certified products allows you to leave a true conservation legacy.


Learn more about why you should choose FSC for your next construction project.

Finding FSC  Wood

Is Easier Than You Think


Sustainably sourced wood is likely available near you, and just a click away. Find products you need in a single search.

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Easier Sourcing

Construction projects come with many difficult challenges, but sourcing FSC doesn’t have to be one of them. FSC®-certified wood products now come in thousands of varieties, species and grades, and our new Supplier Search helps you easily find what you need. Search by product type, availability, location, and more. And the FSC team also stands ready to help you find locally harvested materials and suppliers. 


The best part? With more and more forests becoming certified, FSC-certified wood pricing is more competitive than ever. Builders are increasingly sourcing FSC to claim climate and sustainable development benefits, gain green building certifications, and create higher building value. Check out our Supplier Search to see for yourself how easy it can be.


Award-Winning Projects

San Francisco 49ers

Levi's Stadium

  • FSC-certified wood makes up 85% of the new wood used in the building of Levi’s Stadium.

  • FSC-certified products are a key component of the expression and innovation of the Citrix Owners Club at Levi’s Stadium. The wood found as wall coverings throughout this exclusive suite was reclaimed from a hangar at nearby Moffet Field.

  • This project reenforces the fact that FSC-certified wood can be used even in very complex projects such as stadiums.

Curated Resources
Pro Tips

Check out our pro tips for sourcing and using FSC-certified materials in your next construction project.


Read more about ways FSC is making an impact, showing integrity, encouraging innovation and more on the FSC blog.


Get AIA and GBCI continuing education credits. Or earn credits in popular green building programs such as LEED, LBC,

Built Green or Earth Advantage.


Want to learn more about how FSC-certified wood can help your next construction project? This is the place for you.

Wood Group

The Climate-Smart Wood Group is for anyone interested in staying up to date on the latest developments related to wood construction as a climate solution.


The Forest Stewardship Council provides independent assurance that the wood you buy supports forests managed to the highest standards. Learn more here.

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